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First Hits Contest ( Promote your referral link )

Published on 30-05-2020 / By : admin

Hello ATICLIX members,
We have came with a Great earning opportunity for all members.
Promote your referral link in PTC , surf ads, ptp, social media, blogs, etc.
Promote your referral link anywhere and earn for every valid visit that made your link. Valid IP only counts for visit.
Promote your referral link anywhere and you could be a winner. ,click here
We have been launched hits contest now. Promote your referral link as much possible for you and Win big prizes from Us.
How much you could earn : (1st visit to 10th visit)
1 : 0.0005 Per hits
2 : 0.00045 Per hits
3 : 0.00040 Per hits
4 : 0.00035 Per hits
5 : 0.00030 Per hits
6 : 0.00030 Per hits
7 : 0.00025 Per hits
8 : 0.00025 Per hits
9 : 0.00025 Per hits
10 : 0.00025 Per hits
You can check your current status here
Now why you are waiting. Start promoting your link to earn Passive income from us.

Contest started: May 31, 2020, 12:00:00 AM server time.
Contest ended on: June 1st, 2020, 12:00:00 AM server time.


share your rented referrals stats daily

Published on 27-05-2020 / By : admin

Hello ATICLIX members,
1 : We request you to share your rented referrals stats daily to strong aticlix. So other members knows how our rented referrals works, and what exactly profit from rented referrals. Currently many members purchased rented referrals, we are requesting everyone to share your rented referrals stats.
2 : After receiving too many tickets for discount on upgrades we decided to give discount on upgrades with Special Packs.
Special Packs details,

AtiBabyDays Pack - $9.50
Membership : Atibabydays 30 days ,
Rented referrals : 25
Direct referrals : 1
Banners credits : 50000
Atijunior Pack - $40.00
Membership : Atijunior 90 days ,
Rented referrals : 50
Direct referrals : 5
Banners credits : 50000
Golden 6 Pack - $90
Membership : Golden 6 180 days ,
Rented referrals : 100
Direct referrals : 10
Banners credits : 100000
Golden full Pack - $110
Membership : Golden full 365 days ,
Rented referrals : 150
Direct referrals : 10
Banners credits : 100000
Ultimate 6 Pack - $380.00
Membership : Ultimate 6 180 days ,
Rented referrals : 250
Direct referrals : 25
Banners credits : 150000
Ultimate Pack - $720.00
Membership : Ultimate 365 days ,
Rented referrals : 500
Direct referrals : 50
Banners credits : 250000
Click here and buy Special Packs
Special Packs activated for limited time

1000+ Members celebration Free rented referrals

Published on 18-05-2020 / By : admin

Hello ATICLIX members,

We appreciate your participation and believe in our program and want to ensure you that this success will continue.
You will be amazed to know that Aticlix is growing really good,
our family has now 1000+ members from all over the world! The positive point is that most
of our members are really active .
In order to celebrate the official launch, we are now offering Promotion for one week:
We are very happy with your support and your trust on us. Thanks to everybody.
We are happy to announce free RRs on your deposits promo.
So now take free RRs and grow your account in ATICLIX as well who are earning good profit from us.

Free Rented Referrals
Get 1 free rented referrals each 1$ deposited.
Free rented referrals added manually othewise open the support ticket.

Deposit above $100 get 100 Rented Referrals and 25 Direct Referrals Free.
Deposit above $300 get 300 Rented Referrals and 100 Direct Referrals Free.

This is a short time promo. Starts from today and it will be expires soon.


Rented Referrals contest !

Published on 03-05-2020 / By : admin


Rented Referrals Contest


We have launched a Big rented referrals contest. You ever seen before this contest. Contest will runs for 30 days of time period. So rent referrals as much you can in 30 days. The first top 10 members will get Big prizes from us. So join in the Rented Referral contest now.

Prizes are :
1# : $40.00 ($20 Main and $20 Purchase Balance )
2# : $20.00 ($12.50 Main and $12.50 Purchase Balance )
3# : $10.00 ($5.00 Main and $5.00 Purchase Balance )
4# : $7.50 (Purchase Balance )
5# : $5.00 (Purchase Balance )
6# : $2.50 (Purchase Balance )
7# :$2.00 (Purchase Balance )
8# : $1.00 (Purchase Balance )
9# : $1.00 (Purchase Balance )
10# : $1.00 (Purchase Balance )

Check Rented Referrals Contest Page

Contest Start now and Expire 6/04-2020 Server time 00.00.


Server transferred successfully

Published on 27-04-2020 / By : admin

Hello ATICLIX members,
We have been successfully transferred our server to a strong and secure server. And great thanks for your patience. If you face any bugs or problems let us know. Thank you.


New Earning methods (Offerwalls)

Published on 23-04-2020 / By : admin

Hello ATICLIX members,

A good news for all. We have been added few Offerwalls to earn more from us. So from today you can earn more money by watching extra ads, complete tasks , take surveys , and install apps from Offerwalls. So this is good opportunity to everyone to gain your earnings daily.
Offerwalls lists are:

More Offerwalls coming soon. Stay tuned....


maintenance schedule

Published on 23-04-2020 / By : admin

Hello ATICLIX members,

A important notice :
We are changing our server to strong and secure server for members security.
So on 24th April the site will be put under maintenance for 24hrs of time period. In this time everyone get referral commission without watching ads. Don't worry. Allow us 24hrs to change server.

Admin (ATI GROUP) has officially launched

Published on 19-04-2020 / By : admin

Hello my dear Lovely friends and ATI GROUP fans.
We came back after a long time.
Lets talk about what happens in the past. (The main reasons why we are closed ati sites).
We have been suffered about data lost between 7th to 12th. It means we lost 5days data. So on 12th date every account restored as 7th. Here lot of members lost account balances , Rented Referrals , etc. But in these 5days we have been paid more than 12000$ on 4sites, when sites goes to back 5days all users accounts have same as old balances, who withdraw in this 5 days, then they start withdraw again,
so by mistakenly we paid them again due to data lost and we don't have an clarity. So here we lost more than 8000$ which is real users money. ATI all sites all payment accounts are gone to nil.
Here users cheated users. But we are tried to stay, just few Iranians members start attract us to blame without proofs.
We told lot of times on our posts just support us we will be normal within few days. Due to few Fraud users this issue will be continued. So then we are helpless here at this time.

We have clearly showed data lost proofs on forum posts. We did not cheated anyone also we did not eated users money a single dollar. I hope now everyone understand what happens exactly in the past. Still if you don't understand, if you think we are cheaters just leave ATI site. We want to run back without issues.

ATI GROUP sites runed successfully for 19 months without a single issue. Now after closed 1 year , still some members talking about (ATI GROUP) if there is any scam site.
This is enough to say how much successfully we have been runned, and how much profit we have been given, because (ATI GROUP) sites are still in their mind.
They also know Like (ATI GROUP) sites never comes in future. And few members saying if there is any Scam site, immediately Saying its from (ATI GROUP).

Note to who writing like this: We don't have an any other sites. And also we did not started new sites. Our last and first sites are only (ATI GROUP). We don't want to come with new face. We don't like it also. You mind it first.
Don't blame us back if Any scam site is there. Just show me other sites admins faces, i think you can't. Scam admins comes with new faces, we are not, we are real and truth here. Scam admins don't show you living country, name, and biodata.
But everyone knows who am I.

Everyone know how much professional we are , what is (ATI GROUP) admins behavior. How behave (ATI GROUP) admin with users.

So finally we have came to give profits like same as past. Few members lost some money in the past. We promise you to give good profits now back. Don't worry now (ATI GROUP) sites never close again. If you want restore your past losses, just work with us now. Yes you will get profit now. We know every each user of(ATI GROUP).
Don't ask us back about the past. We just explained each and everything. Also we don't want haters reviews on other forum sites.


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