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ROI System added!

Published on Dec 07th, 2022 05:21 am / By : admin

Hello Members,

As you know A lot of Big PTCs has implemented ROI rule to strengthen their system and provide better earnings to users.
So Starting from Now, We will follow an ROI policy to strengthen the system and make it stable for the long term, as we are here to stay.
So the formula for the ROI calculation is: (Total withdrawn / Total invested) * 100
This rule will help members a lot and is not at all complicated. You can build your account much faster with this feature. You can rent referrals, upgrade to a new membership, and explode your earning potential. Also once you want to withdraw you can deposit again to reap much more profits.
Please note that Non Depositors are exempt from ROI. YOU DONT NEED TO INVEST TO PAYOUT!
You don't need a deposit to withdraw, YOU CAN WITHDRAW UNLIMITED! if you are a none depositor.

ROI Detail.
Free members withdraw 115% of the total deposit (Every month increase by 2% ROI)
All upgrade members withdraw 120% of the deposit. (Every month increase by 5% ROI)

I hope you can understand that it is a good feature for both members and the site.
Note : All pending payments are refunded send us to withdrawal request again and get your payment fast .


Deposit Promotion

Published on Nov 28th, 2022 03:01 am / By : admin

Hello Members,
Deposit: $5 -$50 Get 5% PB and 1 rented referral for each $ Deposit.
Deposit: $51 -$100 Get 10% PB and 1 rented referral for each $ Deposit.
Deposit: $101 -$200 Get 15% PB and 1 rented referral for each $ Deposit.
Deposit: $201 -$500 Get PB and 1 rented referral for each $ Deposit.
Deposit: $501 -$750 Get 30% PB and 2 rented referral for each $ Deposit.
Deposit: $751 -$1500 Get a 40% PB and 3 rented referral for each $ Deposit.

The bonus system is automatic no need to send a support ticket.

Take advantage of this good opportunity Today.
Admin ([b]ATI GROUP

Our 4th PTC/GPT Project OffersMid

Published on Jul 16th, 2022 08:49 am / By : admin

Hello Dear Members,
we would like to present OffersMid under the umbrella of ATICLIX.
OffersMid is a total online advertising platform. who are the members of our website, You don't need to pay us a thing to start earning? So register now and start earning money for free! We are working hard on our platform to offer quality and efficient services achieving the satisfaction of each of you.
OffersMid is managed by a professional company and most experienced team. We have created the website for a long-term project and seen a larger potential that the industry will bring to members, investors, and advertisers.

Don't Miss our Awesome Launching Promotions.
This promo is valid until 07/18/2022 server time.


Black Friday Sale

Published on Nov 23rd, 2021 04:39 pm / By : admin

Hello ATICLIX members,

We are celebrating the Black Friday on ATICLIX with these amazing discounts:

6 Months memberships 30% Discount
Golden 6 original price [$75] Now only [$52.50]
Ultimate 6 original price [$360] Now only [$252]
12 Months memberships 40% Discount
Golden 6 original price [$130] Now only [$78]
Golden 6 original price [$680] Now only [$408]
Click Here and go to upgrade page

Rented Referrals packs
250 Rented Referrals : $45 save $5
500 Rented Referrals pack $85 save $15
750 Rented Referrals pack $110 save $40
Click Here and deposit funds

Promo is Valid till 27 Nov 2022 Server time ..
Good Luck to all of you with your Earnings!!

"Important Notice"

Published on Nov 14th, 2021 08:27 am / By : admin

Hello ATiGROUP Members ,
We are going to share some important things with you. Please Spend 2 minutes' time reading.
Daily we are facing problems from a few cheaters by creating multiple accounts. It will affect on other all Loyal and trusted members. So every time we care about Geniune members as well.
So please follow the few rules.
1 : We have removed 11 days auto-pay rules . Now 5 days only.
2 : Removed upgrade required for banned countries . So now no need to upgrade to get payments.
3 : The minimum withdrawal amount was increased to $4 instead of $2
4 : Clicks required before the withdrawal was decreased to 50 only instead of 75.
These few rules are simple and not hard and only for site security and stability .

Maximum withdraw limit increased
Standard $15 instead of $10
AtiBabyDays $20 instead of $15
Atijunior $30 instead of $20
Golden 6 $45 instead of $35
Golden Full $50 instead of $35
Ultimate 6 $100 instead of $75
Ultimate $125 instead of $75

Want to get a good avg on rented referrals ?
Yes, it's possible in all ATI sites. Active on the forum daily and share your tented referrals states, reply to other members' posts, share payment proofs. Your post count will give you the best avg from RRs. We have developed this process now. So don't forget to be active in the forum to get a good avg from your all RRs.

Moderator announcement :
We need 2 moderators for all our sites. Moderator will get 250000 banner credits along with 2000 PTC 30 days LuckyBox Credits every month and Tips from Members.
We have selected one of our team members as a MOD named "Litecoinfaucet".
We need 1 more MOD.
1 : Experience as a MOD in any other site
2 : English speaking and writing skills
Send your username along with the above details on the support ticket.

Good Luck to all of you with your Earnings!!

7th Hits Contest

Published on Sep 08th, 2021 04:04 pm / By : admin

Hello ATICLIX members,
Promote your referral link in PTC , surf ads, ptp, social media, blogs, etc.
Promote your referral link anywhere and earn for every valid visit that made your link. Valid IP only counts for a visit.
Promote your referral link anywhere and you could be a winner. ,click here
We have been launched the hits contest now. Promote your referral link as much as possible for you and Win big prizes from Us.
How much you could earn : (1st visit to 5th visit)
1 : $0.0003 Per hits
2 : $0.00025 Per hits
3 : $0.0002 Per hits
4 : $0.00015 Per hits
5 : $0.0001 Per hits (In Purchase Balance)
We pay for Unique Hits Only
? Auto Traffic not allowed

You can check your current status here
Now why you are waiting. Start promoting your link to earn Passive income from us.

Contest ended on: Oct 08, 2021, 12:00:00 AM server time.


22332 suspended account removed

Published on Dec 07th, 2020 01:50 pm / By : admin

Hello ATICLIX members,

Due to inactivity account suspend after 60 days .we removed 22332 suspended accounts from our database ,

About Direct referrals : All inactive referrals removed fro all accounts ,


We are experts in the PTC / GPT industry and providing cost effective advertisements and sound income opportunities

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