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Hello members,

We want to share some news and information please read carefully.

About Rented referrals
About withdraw
About Offerwalls Earning
About Hold Funds

About Rented referrals : Rented Referrals system modified by our developers. Now the Avg is amazing and very active rented referrals for all members with great filters.
Autopay value and referrals price changed with low price ❤.
Rent Referrals now and earn handsomely with rented referrals.
About withdraw : we also want to enable instant withdrawal but we are not getting any support from our members.
I don't know why members not posting payment proof. i don't want to add back payment proof requirements for the next payment because some users don't understand.
Please always post your proof in our forum and also with other forums and get your payment fast from us.
About Offerwalls Earning : Offerwalls earnings increased by 20% extra. now complete offers and surveys and earn better than other websites. referrals commission is increased for all memberships by 5% to 10% more.
About Hold Funds :
As everyone knows we removed ROI Rules and Cashout Points. because both were difficult for members. Some members' balance moved to the hold balance.
We are daily getting many tickets about holding funds why do some members not read news about holding funds?
Everyone knows the 2 rules for recovering held funds.
1 : Deposit money and recover your deposit 50% from hold funds.
2 : need to wait until 8 August to recover funds.

again we are getting many tickets. we can't release funds only with tickets. we also want to stay here for a long time.
Thanks to all members ATICLIX's 4th year is going.
This is the final news about holding funds read carefully.
31 July is the last date for recovering held funds.
After 31 July I will remove all hold funds from the account permanently.
How to recover funds
Recover your hold funds with a deposit. Deposit now and get 200% from your hold funds.
Example : Deposit $5 and recover $10 from hold funds.and withdraw your funds.
It's time to recover your funds click here and deposit .

Good Luck to all of you with your Earnings!!

Posted : Jul 25th, 2023 at 05:55

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