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Hello members,
I am very happy to announce you Referral Contest Monthly.
It already started and finish the 15 May 2023. (server time 23 : 59)
Promote your referral link in PTC , surf ads, PTP, social media, blogs, etc anywhere and Earn Up to $0.25 Per Active Direct Referral.
Detail Of Prizes.
1st : $0.2500 MB Per Active Referral
2th : $0.2000 PB Per Active Referral
3th : $0.1500 PB Active Referral
4th : $0.1000 PB Active Referral
5th : $0.0750 PB Active Referral
6th to 10th : $0.0500 PB Per Active Referral

Here you can see the leaderboard and prizesClick Here!
Rules, 1 : Referral needs to click at least 25 Ads to be Accepted.
2. Multi-Account Creation
3. Proxy Using, All kinds starting with VPN.
4. Getting Inactive Direct Referrals, from some places where you pay for Quality, not for Quantity.
I think you know that sites where you pay in order to get 10-50-100 DR, but you get them totally inactive.
5. All kind of cheats, like Autoclickers, Bot software, Fake Email Generators, etc will not be tolerated as well !!!

If a User Forget these Rules and try to cheat, we will Suspend Account without any warning.
I am in this business for quite a long time and I will be happy to see a Fair Competition
We wish you happy Earnings With ATI GROUP!


Posted : Apr 14th, 2023 at 06:11

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